DuPont State Recreational Forest

DuPont State Recreational Forest


Expletives of joy. We definitely shout our fair share when exploring this densely packed treasure trove of trails.The result is a perfectly manicured map for whatever recreation you’re into.

But mountain biking is where this thing really shreds, helping you to create your own dirt-driven adventure from the 80+ trails snaking their way through the park. Or, if you want the local low-down, we’ve highlighted six of our favorite rides, complete with intricate descriptions and elevation detail. They can be done individually or linked together for plenty of extra mileage to satisfy your inner sadist.

Extra-special bonus – we’ve even included a detailed map of the park’s major waterfalls because…waterfalls! 

Technical Stuff
Size: 25.75” x 38” |  4” x 9” folded
Scale: 1:16,000
1 inch = 1333 feet


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